I awoke this morning to a steaming pile of hatred thanks to this person who took offense to a CollegeHumor toplist entitled “Worst Female Superhero” and asked their readers to email/tweet at me. Their blog being one that exists to examine female superheroes in the DC universe, I’m not surprised…

Streeter hired me for one of the greatest jobs on earth (in our interview he wore mesh shorts and an oversized t-shirt !! ) despite that outfit I can vouch that homeboy is the opposite of a “douchecanoe”. Having worked with him for almost 6 years I’ve seen him treat his employees equally, and I might even go as far as saying he has hired/promoted more females writers than most comedy based shows/sites. If that is being a sexiest douchecanoe then let me never set foot in any other type of boat. 

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    I love these guys because they so rarely err on the “douchecanoe” side :) keep up the (mostly) quality, funny work,...
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    I am forwarding Brett’s post because I think Brett has had quite a few good points in this discussion. I think it’s...
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    Well written.
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    I had a long reply typed. I realized however, that shutting up and just saying “I agree” would get that across just as...
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    I guess I just wish that the “worst female superheroes”had actually been terrible superheroes. Batwoman is awsome. I...
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    I’m not really sure, as we both know there are some women out there who just plain don’t get it. Hiding behind the “a...
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