I make a “cameo” in my friend Mike’s new Channel 101 episode of Coach.


Hey, dudes. Here’s the third episode of me and Justin Lazernick’s Channel 101 show “Coach”. This was one of the hardest episodes to get done in a while but we finished the job thanks to our awesome crew and cast.

I had never even met David Neher before I asked him to be in the show. He couldn’t have been more fun to work with and really kicked ass.

Nathan Smith was his usual awesome Coach.

Jessica was great and had no problems with riding a roller coaster.

Thanks again to everyone who voted us back - it was a really good screening. Gumbel, Canned Beer Cases and Oh Shit made me laugh pretty damn hard.

Written and Directed by Mike Karnell and Justin Lazernick

Edited by Justin Lazernick

Shot by Mike Karnell and Aaron Kunkel


Nathan Smith as Coach

David Neher as Peter

Jessica Deshaw Wyckoff as Donna

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