“bryson city sitcom” // tiny ridge walkers

Hey! Here’s a new music video I made with Dave Geis for his band Tiny Ridge Walkers. Thanks to everyone who helped out and lent a hand, especially Willy Roberts. He wore that walrus mask and ran around on a hurt knee all day for us. At the end of the day a couple of friends got together and spent a couple of afternoons making a music video which is all I ever want to do for the rest of my life. Enjoy!

Directed by Mike Karnell & Dave Geis
Walrus played by Willy Roberts
Cinematography by Mike Karnell
Edited by Dave Geis
VFX by Mike Stebbins
G&E: Casey Donahue, Aaron Kunkel, Brad Clapper
Art Direction by Willy Roberts

Mike Karnell and I made a music video for my old band Tiny Ridge Walkers.  Check it out if you had a moment.  I agree with everything Mike had to say about it - it was such a fun time and a great experience co-directing with Mike.  Thanks to everyone, especially Willy and the band.

If you like the music, you can get the EP for free here.

Also, you can check out our old band, the Woods, here.

Ian’s new band, Inner Outlaws just started out in New York, and I can’t wait to hear new stuff. Nicole’s new band Hundred Waters has been touring and making some incredible music the past year or so. (via: davidgeis)

Fun music video co-directed by MIkey